Urbandoor 2018 TO CURRENT
Product Design Lead
I design customer experiences and platform tools for the largest multi-family marketplace for extended stay and serviced apartments. I work closely with product management and engineering to define product and design requirements, identify use cases, and implement new initiatives.
IA Collaborative 2016 TO 2018
Senior Interaction Designer
I worked with product and technology teams to define digital product strategies and design compelling experiences. I developed user and business criteria to inform new feature requirements that grow an organization's service offerings for new users.
Vamonde 2014 TO 2016
Product Designer
Working on the mobile and desktop experience, I identified key use cases, workflows and conducted user research and testing. This helped unlock meaningful network effects and increased adoption for both consumers and cultural institutions on the platform.
Salesforce SUMMER 2015
Product Designer
I worked in an agile environment with the mobile product team to define the product roadmap, build features, and identify user flows through rapid prototyping. This created a new cross channel experience to strengthen existing relationships and open new business opportunities.
Motorola Solutions SUMMER 2014
User Experience Designer
On the Innovation & Design team for public safety, I created contextual behavior models for smart policing technology through primary and secondary research. This helped identify feature requirements to help reduce emergency response time to incidents.
US Bank 2008 TO 2013
Senior Analytics Associate
With the strategic analytics team, I developed new service and data models for client communications. I also helped implement cooperative product strategies that reduced the time required to communicate time-sensitive information between relevant stakeholders.